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Domestic Violence: Answers To Common Questions

A domestic violence arrest and conviction can lead to trouble. It can have a lasting effect on many aspects of your life. You may be kicked out of your home, labeled by society as an abuser, not allowed to see your children and even see career opportunities dry up. If arrested on a domestic violence charge, it is critical to get legal advice as soon as possible.

Weinstock Levin of Atlantic City, New Jersey, has the knowledge and experience you need. We will represent you to the best of our abilities. We’ve worked with many clients accused of domestic violence and answered many questions. Here is a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to domestic violence:

What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is aggressive behavior that involves abuse of a spouse, partner or someone else at home. There are many types of domestic violence, including physical, sexual, psychological, emotional and financial.

What Are The Consequences If Convicted Of A Domestic Violence Charge?

A conviction may lead to fines, anger management classes and counseling as well as a jail or prison sentence. But an arrest and conviction can have a much broader effect on your life, too. Your reputation will suffer and the outside world may brand you as a spouse beater. And if you have children, a conviction could affect custody arrangements and how and whether you can visit them.

What Is A Restraining Order?

A restraining order is a court order designed to protect a victim of domestic violence. The victim obtains a restraining order against the person accused of abusing him or her. It prevents the alleged abuser from contacting the victim.

What Will Happen If My Spouse Files A Restraining Order Against Me?

The court order may prevent you from doing several things. You may have to leave your home and have no contact with your spouse. This could include no texts, phone calls, emails and physical appearances. You may not be able to possess firearms or other weapons, or visit your spouse’s workplace.

What If I Violate The Restraining Order?

You will be arrested, and you will likely face jail time.

How Will A Restraining Order Affect Me If I Have Children?

Since you likely will not be able to go to your children’s home, we recommend you enlist a trustworthy person to pick up and drop off your children from your spouse’s home to your home.

Will A Domestic Violence Charge Affect My Visitation With My Children?

Yes, it will. If charged, you likely will have to go through mediation to create a new child visitation arrangement. Your previous child care schedule may no longer be tenable, and you may even be limited to supervised visitation.

What If I Am Falsely Accused Of Domestic Violence?

This happens more often than you may think. Many claims of domestic violence are false and usually motivated by one spouse’s desire to drastically hurt and damage the reputation of the other. A bitter divorce can bring out the worst behavior in someone, and that may lead to false accusations of domestic violence. Our lawyers at Weinstock Levin will do our best to make sure such accusations are extinguished.

What Are Domestic Violence Classes?

Considered to be part of your treatment, domestic violence classes educate offenders about the effects of domestic violence. A judge may order you to enroll in and complete such a program that also addresses anger management.

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A domestic violence charge and conviction can have lasting effects on your life. When accused of domestic violence, it’s crucial to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. We at Weinstock Levin in Atlantic City, New Jersey, will represent you to the best of our abilities. For a free consultation, contact us at 609-318-3932 or toll free 800-549-7594.